My Publications

Introduction to my Published Books

I have published four books. The first was “Bank Analyst’s Handbook”, which shows how to analyze a bank’s financial statements.  The second was “Timing”.  The book shows how to invest over a person’s life cycle.  The third was “Power and Wealth,” which describes how presidential power affects stock prices. My latest and book I wrote was my memoir “Tales to Tell”.

Bank Analyst's Handbook         Timing

Power and Wealth         Tales to Tell

Introduction to my Books in Progress

Currently, I am writing ”The Best of Times”.  The book will describe this century as being the American century.  It will show how the political structure will be transformed, and the economy will shift from a socialist basis to one that will be equity driven.   The result will be positive and nothing less than spectacular.

The Money Analyst

Shows how money and taxes create and destroy wealth. Implications for individuals are revealed. Information is believed to be correct, but there is no guarantee.

The Money Analyst